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Cedar Specialists

We guarantee a professional job every time. At CEDAR SPECIALISTS, we offer a complete service. We never leave a mess, or unfinished work. 

You can count on us for: 


Complete cleaning, sanding, caulking, repairs, masking.

Staining and Painting
Brushed in application of transparent, semi-transparent, semi-solid, solid stains and paints.

Cleaning and Restoration
We can remove mildew, mold, moss, blackened or gray areas. We can repair or replace cracked, weathered, or rotted siding and trim. All debris is removed.

Post-job inspection of work. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.  Punch list completed before final payment.

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Cedar Specialists is unique, in that we are one of the few companies that specializes in the restoration of cedar. We've been proudly serving the St.Paul - Minneapolis, Minnesota and Western WI, surrounding areas for over 20 years.  

We have the knowledge and expertise needed to properly maintain cedar siding, decks and fences.  We provide maintenance plans for your home or business that will ensure beauty and protection for many years.

While cedar is a wood that has a well deserved reputation for durability but still has to be maintained correctly in order to achieve it's beauty and longevity. 

Cedar Specialists Provides:
  • All cedar or redwood siding staining and restoration.
  • Log Home Caulking
  • Log Home Staining
  • Cedar Home Staining and Painting
  • Pressure Washing Decks 
  • Pressure Washing Fences
  • Caulking and Repairing Cedar
  • Deck Staining and Painting
  • Fence Staining and Painting
  • Gazebo Staining and Painting

                                                                                                             BEST PAINTING CEDAR SPECIALISTS
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Maplewood, MN 55109
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